Listen to mp3 samples from the Electrical Gas album by clicking the links below:

Gypsy Noodle Eddie, I'm Ready
Largo Deluxe The Last Crusade
Classical Gas 2005 Riding The Low Moon


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Electrical Gas represents a step in a new direction for Mason as a composer and recording artist. Mason's chart topping hit has been recorded by over 100 different artists and featured in films, television and commercials, but the combination of this fantastic piece and the electric guitar have Mason and Zoe taking Classical Gas into the 21st century with resounding force.

Mason's musical repertoire goes far beyond Classical Gas and Zoe has tapped into this treasure trove of instrumental tunes. Zoe, although still young, possesses the skills, depth and maturity of an experienced player. She is backed by an incredible group of musicians, sound engineers and management and together they have literally electrified Mason's compositions.

A bare bones bio by Mason Williams: "I've recorded and released 7 singles, 24 albums, and 2 EPs. I've written 250 songs, half of which are pretty good, one of which, Classical Gas* is apparently really good. I've played at least 1,000 gigs in a lot of different places. I've written well over 1,000 poems plus a bunch of other stuff and created bunches of art too, published 16 literary/art books and 5 music books, written 174 hours of broadcast television (and even more hours of unbroadcastable television),received 11 awards and 8 nominations. That's it for me."

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